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It all began on the soil of Euthalia.


It was no secret that the rich and powerful would gather at the house of Sophia Euthalia, there was always talk of lavish dining and expensive gatherings during the social season. But behind the talk of luxury, there were rumours of something more hidden deep within the roots of Euthalia House.


It started with the flowers, always the flowers. There were mutterings under a quiet breath of how such a beautiful garden had no gardeners. Lady Sophia would always claim to grow everything herself and care for the plants in the dead of night, but there was never a soul who could confirm her story.


And then, the lights. A soft glow whispering from the edges of the forests going deep into the locked-off grounds of the estate. The spiritual amongst the wider community believed there were spirits trapped amongst the trees, the scientific amongst them claimed it was a string of rare atmospheric phenomena. Lady Sophia would deny ever seeing them.


Next came the whispers. People speaking in codes. Secret gatherings deep within the Euthalia grounds. It struck the people with hysteria. There were talks of a secret cult within the city, walking among us, our friends, our families. Under every smile was a thought of deception, an expectation of distrust. Lady Sophia never acknowledged these accusations.


After that came the winters. The plants would sit for all of spring and stay firm through all of autumn. Even during the harsh frost of a winter morning, not a single flower would wilt or a single petal fall. When the first winter grew into the second spring, Euthalia earned the title of ‘The House where the flowers grow’. Some would watch in delight, others unease. Lady Sophia would never comment on the grounds.


Finally, the trembling of the earth so great that it rocked the very foundations of Euthalia house. No one had ever felt anything like it in the city. No one ever would again. After that day, every flower on the grounds began to wilt, every plant with roots bathed in its soil began to die. No one has seen a flower grow there since that day, much like no one has seen Lady Sophia.

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